Executives of the Foundation

Richard M. Sabb, Founder/CEO

Richard is the founder of American Motorcycle USA. Since 2001 Richard has developed a motorcycle venue now called AMC which holds “Intellectual Property Rights” for the development of over 100 retail products, the best motorcycle for 2005, restaurant franchising, dealership strategies and casino development to name a few. During the AMC build-out, Richard authored a Private Placement and successfully raised over $100 million to partner within the Gaming industry, which was out bided in the final rounds.

Richard co-authored research sections found in medical titles such as; “Basic Mechanisms of Physiologic & Aberrant Lymphoproliferation of the Skin,” “Clinical, Experimental and Biological Sciences,” and “Hematology and Oncology Clinics of North America” and authorship of his true story novel “No Time to Die.” This work was complemented by 4 years on the speaking circuit, appearances on TV and numerous radio interviews.

As a patient Richard has undergone extensive Chemo Radiation treatments and 11 operations and was the catalyst for NATO’s accepted discovery of the “Thymus By-Pass-Model.” Mr. Sabb has performed paralegal work and case management preparations for a precedent setting medical based civil action and two federal cases.

Richard is a member of the Master Mason’s Blue Lodge and the Al Kali Monarch Shrine.

Russell A. Whitt, Operations Advisor / Board Member

Russell currently serves as President of Tiger Run Investments, Inc. During his tenure at Tiger Run, Mr. Whitt has been responsible for the development, marketing and sales of approximately 300 residential properties with sales in excess of $15 million. He was also responsible for the deal structuring and acquisition of Tiger Run Resort, a 60 acre cabin resort in Breckenridge, Colorado, and the Aspen Canyon Ranch, originally a 750-acre guest ranch and real estate development in Grand County. Mr. Whitt also serves as Managing Member of Swan River Water Company, where he oversees the day-to-day financial management operations. Prior to this, he served in the same capacity as Managing Member at SAW Vending, LLC. Mr. Whitt has also served as Vice President at First City National Bank of Houston, where his responsibilities included the management and disposition of an asset portfolio worth over $135 million. In the non-profit realm, Mr. Whitt holds the position of President of Summit County Campground Association, handling financial aspects of the association including the preparation and presentation of budgets to the owners. Mr. Whitt earned his BBA at Texas A&M University, with a Major in Accounting & Finance, along with extensive work in Petroleum Geology.

Dr. Nancy Leslie, MD. LPN. ND. NHD., PhD.,
Director of Operations / Board Member

Dr. Leslie is acclaimed as one of the countries top and finest Naturopathic doctors. Her “Curriculum Vitae” (CV) includes professional diversity such as; Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Natural Health, Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Natural Studies, advanced studies from Cornell University, highest honors from Clayton College of Natural Health and advanced Professorship from Southern Virginia University. Dr. Leslie owns and operates her practice, Mountain Sage Naturopath; a Natural Health Family Practice located in Breckenridge, Colorado and is the owner of AMC’s associate Ranch Foundation titled “Mountain Sage Natural Health Retreat”. This Ranch is a 160 acre health retreat located in Fairplay Colorado. She chairs on the Board for Natural Ophthalmics and holds Board Certification from the American Alternative Medical Association as well as the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Dr. Leslie published 2 books; “Heart Healthy Eating”(1999) and “Balance Your Hormones Naturally and Eliminate PMS” (2002), and conducted public speaking events since 1985. Dr. Leslie rounded her career and her passion for Ranching, horse back riding and the care of Ranch Animals by completing advanced Doctoral Veterinary studies. Not including animals, Dr. Leslie has patients in 12 states and Europe.

Dr. Douglas W. Sharp, D.O, FACEP, Board Member

Dr. Sharp is a residency trained and board certified emergency physician currently practicing in Colorado Springs, CO. He has an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences from Auburn University, and graduated medical school magna cum laude from the University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City, MO. He went on to complete his residency in emergency medicine at the University of South Carolina. He holds active medical licenses in Colorado and South Carolina, as well as active state and federal DEA licenses. His home hospital, Memorial Hospital, has the busiest emergency department in Colorado, with nearly 100,000 patient visits per year. Memorial Hospital's emergency department functions as a level I trauma center, stroke center, and cardiac center, as well as houses a pediatric emergency department, all staffed by Dr. Sharp's group, Emergency Medical Specialists, PC. He is complemented by his wife, Natalie, who is a practicing pediatrician in Colorado Springs as well. Together they share all the joys of the Colorado outdoors as well as the desire to “oversee” the philanthropic/moral success of the Aspen Canyon Children’s Ranch and the business success complementing its holding/marketing company.

Medical Advisory Board

W. Clark Lambert, MD, PhD.

Professor Lambert serves as head of Pathology and Research at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Lambert is the former Director of Advanced Research Sciences at NATO. Professor Lambert holds PhD’s in Medicine, Dermatology, Immunodermatopathology, Pathology and Immunopathology. His CV contains over 300 recognized medical publications. Professor Lambert directed many global multi-university advanced research programs that procured or lead to the procurement of treatments, pharmaceutical or biological therapies and advancements in studies of numerous known and newly discovered immunosuppressant diseases.

Michael Gochfeld, MD, PhD.

Professor Gochfeld serves as Director of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute for the State of New Jersey. Professor Gochfeld holds PhD’s in Medicine, Biology and Environmental Health Science-Chemical relationship to disease. His CV contains over 200 recognized medical publications.

Perri Gascone, MD, PhD.,

Professor Gascone serves as Director of Hematology/Oncology and Cancer Research in Barcelona, Spain. Previously, Professor Gascone was the Director of Hematology / Oncology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. Professor Gascone holds PhD’s in Hematology, Oncology, Medicine and Pharmacology. His CV contains over 200 recognized medical publications.

Authors Note: It is noted herein that the doctors listed on this page are current or former treating doctors of Cancer survivor Richard M. Sabb, author of and founder of the Aspen Canyon Children’s Ranch venture. It is the intent of the doctors and Foundation associates to aid Richard M. Sabb in the recognition, marketability and viability of the Ranch, its functionality and the Foundation goals. They do not have a vested interest and remain neutral as advisors of medical functionality to Richard M. Sabb and or any duly organized Board if warranted or granted by Richard M. Sabb or said organized Board.