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“Scream’en Eagle Aircraft™”

“Big Toys For Boys™”

Richard Sabb is proud to announce his “Scream’en Eagle Aircraft™” division to facilitate additional funding support to his “Children’s Foundation built on Hope.”

We offer most any type foreign military aircraft at amazing discounts with substantial funds from the sale going directly to the Foundation.

Our professionally trained staff of Doctors, EMT’s, Nurses and or Military Flight Experts will arrange for the Kids to SEE, FEEL and SIT in “YOUR” amazing “TOY” for photo shoots or that “LAST LEAP OF HOPE – WISH.”

So – Put your Corporate Dollars to their MOST use with a Foundation founder and Survivor.

We will do our best to work with any Foundation or Corporate Structure of Your needs.

“Complete Marketing Packages for Your Company or Special Event”

Our team of Experts can offer collectors and hobbyists pre-owned, used military items to be restored by you the “collector” or in complete restored and fully customized condition to fit the most discriminating “Incriminating” needs.

Imagine owning your own favorite Russian Mig or L-39 in 2 – seat models.

Fully FAA approved with complete Electronic packages.

“Packages range from $ 50,000 to over $ 10 million”

Corporate Packages: Including Time at the Ranch Corporate Retreats

Complete Log Books for Each Aircraft Flight Training and Instruction Packages

Professional Painting Complete Engine & Electronics Work

Professional Film Work Complete Maintenance Packages

Professional Shipping / Storage Complete FAA Approval Programs

Complete Marketing Packages for your Company or Special Event

Serious inquiries welcome: contact Joe at

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